Classical Voice vs. The Modern Theatre

Good classical singing doesn’t really translate all that well to electronic format, even though there have been recordings of opera singers since the dawn of acoustic recording.  We have recordings back from 1889, maybe before.  But you only really hear what a well-produced classical voice sounds like in the theatre.  The free voice produces overtones … Continue reading


Paleo Diet Revisited The article makes a lot of sense, given that’s pretty much the way I’ve been interpreting Paleo all along. I follow Gary Taubes’ template, essentially, which is low-carb. I have a Mostly Meat diet and, when I’m actually following it, rather than following the dessert cart, it works very well. The issue is the … Continue reading

De Reszke Family Tree

Mama De Reszke Ciaffei, Warsaw (also taught Edouard De Reszke) Faldi (taught A.C. ca. 1848-1852) | V Antonio Cotogni, Milan (1831-1918) Considered the great baritone of his time Taught ‘94-’98 St.Petersburg, ‘99- Milan Giacomo Lauri-Volpi (later w/ Enrico Rosati) Beniamino Gigli (later w/Enrico Rosati) Mattia Battistini Giuseppe Di Luca Leonard Warren, Lorenzo Malfatti Sbrilia, Milan … Continue reading

Vocal Pedagogy — An Intro

Vocal pedagogy started with the experiments of castrati and the handing down, from one generation to the next, the methods they used to achieve their primary goals: The ability to produce Long phrases (long breath), control over diminuendo and crescendo, even vocal lines, without noticeable shifts or breaks when going up or down in pitch, … Continue reading

What TenorSpace was SUPPOSED to be about

I adopted the domain name to further my interest in classical vocal history, technique, and performance practice. Unfortunately, political realities intervened and I have found myself expostulating extensively on the Madness of Crowds, as expressed in the degeneration of the United States to the level of the Athenian state as it turned democracy like a … Continue reading

For Thoughts I’d Like to Think About

Facebook is evanescent; what I write today is gone tomorrow, or 5 minutes from now. The FB paradigm is ephemeral and I’d like to spend a few minutes with an idea before I let go of it… maybe even visit it occasionally.