De Reszke Family Tree

Mama De Reszke

Ciaffei, Warsaw (also taught Edouard De Reszke)

Faldi (taught A.C. ca. 1848-1852)



Antonio Cotogni, Milan (1831-1918)

Considered the great baritone of his time

Taught ‘94-’98 St.Petersburg, ‘99- Milan

Giacomo Lauri-Volpi (later w/ Enrico Rosati)

Beniamino Gigli (later w/Enrico Rosati)

Mattia Battistini

Giuseppe Di Luca

Leonard Warren,

Lorenzo Malfatti

Sbrilia, Milan (helped De Reszke retrain as tenor; but most of this done on his own, accdg to other sources)

Jean De Reszke, Nice (1850-1925)

Tadeusz Leliwa, Warsaw

(Waclaw Brzenzinski, Warsaw)

(Selva, Orefice)

(Edoardo Garbin, Milan)

Jan Kiepura,  (1906-1966)

(Elena Theodorini, Rio de Janeiro(Ital/Romanian))

Bidu Sayão

Leo Slezak (2 years)

Maggie Teyte (prize pupil, representative exponent; Gary O’Connor Publ’d her exercises)

Edith De Lys (2 yrs, notebooks published posthumously)

Florence Stevens (JDR protégé; taught his methods; he referred Adelina Patti to her)

(Harold Butler, SyracuseU.)

(Arthur Alexander, L.A.)

Richard Bonelli (spent 2 months w/ JDR)

Arthur Endrèze              (American Bar., trnd w/ JDR, 1922-?, Paris Opera)

Hardesty Johnson, NYC

Beverly Johnson, Juilliard, NYC

Renee Fleming

Bernadette Peters

Kevin Kline (!)


Fred Carama, L.A./NYC

Victoria Hart, L.A.

Alan August (2011-)

Robert White

Bruce Sledge, NY

Robert J. MacNeil, LA

Elin Carlson, LA

Alison England, Trinidad, NM (Dept Chair, Trinidad State Junior College)

Monica Yunus, NY

Lise Lindstrom, NY

Susan Holsonbake, NY

Lester Lynch, NY

Wonjung Kim,NY

Mary Abadjian

Alicia Irving

Michael Gallup

Julie Robles

Craig Gilmore

Melodee Fernandez, etc.

Janice McVeigh, USC

Angelique Burzynski, L.A.

Won Jung Kim, L.A.

Mary Ann McPhee Bosnos, Scottsdale, AZ

Alan August, L.A. (ca. 1990-2008)

Ross Kalling, L.A.

Note: bold indicates teacher or influential singer; parenthesis indicate teachers not in Cotogni/De Reszke line)


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